Chop Cancer - Supporting the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance



Your Safety Is Our Top Concern

  • The safety of our patrons is paramount.  There are far too many unknown variables with the current Covid-19 virus environment to hold the CHOP! Cancer event as originally envisioned. 

  • CSPA exhausted all options to identify alternatives but none could 100 percent guarantee the safety of every single participant. The uniqueness of CHOP! Cancer made it impossible to develop an alternative event that maintained its signature style within the confines of an acceptable budget. 

How Can You Help?

  • Participate in the "TEXT TO BID" Silent Auction beginning 10am August 26th through noon August 28th.  We will post a sneak peek link to the auction on August 24th!

  • If you purchased tickets or tables for the live event, consider donating the cost of your tickets and tables back to CSPA

Why Still Supporting CHOP! Cancer Matters

  • CSPA is not immune to the devastating financial impacts of COVID-19. Canceling CHOP! Cancer, the primary revenue generator that fuels the mission of CSPA, will have a significant impact on the financial health of the organization.

  • Itís expected the pandemic will significantly impact future programming and operations. 

  • Making our financial goal for CHOP! will allow us to continue

If you have any questions please call us (864)255-5010 or email us at