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Meet Our 2020 Cast


Dr. Tondre Buck

Tondre Buck, MD, was inspired to study medicine by his older brother, who is also a physician.

Then, during his residency, Dr. Buck ran into his former little league baseball coach, who had myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells in bone marrow.  Dr. Buck’s coach influenced his decision to specialize in hematology oncology, which is the diagnosis and treatment of blood cancers. He now cares for cancer patients at Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute.

Dr. Buck received his medical degree at University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson. He completed his residency and Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, and a Multiple Myeloma Fellowship at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. While at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Dr. Buck served as assistant professor in the Division of Hematology, and co-director of the Sickle Cell Day Clinic. He is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology.

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Currie Gossett

As a native of Greenville, Currie is honored to be a chef for the 5th annual CHOP Cancer event.  She and her husband moved home in the summer of 2018 with their two boys, just up the street from the Cancer Survivor’s Park.  Since her return, she opened Greenville’s first athletic apparel boutique downtown, C.O.R.E. grow strong. She is a proponent of healthy living, fitness, and plant-based eating for a healthy body.  She has been largely impacted by the Cancer Survivor’s Park being right in her back yard, and thankful that Greenville has such a place for families and friends to connect and honor all of those affected by Cancer.  She is especially grateful that she’s able to enjoy the park while honoring her mother, Donna Gossett, who is a cancer survivor and also a champion of the park as part of its board of directors. 

Through her business, Currie is dedicated to building a communal hub of wellness in Greenville through movement, meditation, and spiritual strength.  She is especially interested in medical research that links decreased cancer rates and overall health benefits to a plant-based diet. She will be moving C.O.R.E. grow strong in the fall of 2020 to its new home in Overbrook, where it will include a boutique fitness studio for mindful movement, Pilates reformer equipment, designer athletic apparel, and a plant-based market.

She is excited to present a cancer fighting, plant-based meal to the judges, and help contribute to the park so all of its visitors can enjoy it for years to come.

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Dorothy Dowe


No one is ready to lose his or her mother. I certainly wasn’t, but as many people know, my mother died 18 months after her diagnosis of kidney cancer. I was a relatively new mother, but more importantly, she was a relatively new grandmother. I was not ready to lose her, and she was not ready to die.

Most of what I have been able to accomplish in life I owe to her. My mother was smart (the Duke Phi Beta Kappa kind of smart), hard working (the kind of hard working that walks to work in snow and never misses a day), gracious and kind. A friend of mine once said she loved the innate quality my mother had of asking you about yourself and leaving you with a feeling that you could tell her anything, because she really wanted to know when she asked you in the first place. She gave her time to others selflessly, and was the very best example of what a mother should be to her children.

I am a wife, a mother, a small business owner, and a proud representative of the people as a new member of Greenville City Council. My mother gave me the example of how to love family, and support community. I serve as a CHOP cancer chef in honor of her, and to help others survive this devastating disease. I ask you to support this mission by contributing to my team. With gratitude, Dorothy.

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Zach Elliot

Zachary Gage Elliott was born in Greenville SC in 1994. He was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma at nine years old. After a year of chemo treatment and many surgeries he is cancer free for 15 years.

He appreciates the support from his family and friends that helped him through such a difficult time.

He attended JL Mann Academy and was a part of Spirit week with Greenville High School in raising over $500,000 for the Cancer Survivors Park.

He feels going through cancer you find hope and motivation through different avenues and that is why he is so excited to be a part of Chop cancer and will continue to help with fundraisers.

Zachary is co owner of Sweetberry Bowls in Greenville with his mother Kimberly Elliott. He loves living in this beautiful city 

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Deborah Gibson
Deborah Gibson, owner of Deborah Gibson Design LLC and  Greenville native was very excited when Diane Gluck asked her to participate in CHOP Cancer. She lost both of her parents to cancer...her Mother to breast cancer after a 20 year battle and her Father, after a 10 year battle with prostate cancer. Both fought valiantly and were incredible role models of fighting the good fight against this disease. It is Deborah's goal to CHOP Cancer in honor of her parents. With a long time love of  cooking and entertaining Deborah hopes to add to her team enthusiasm and help make this year's CHOP Cancer a huge success to help the community successfully fight this disease.

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Dr. Jeff Giguere
Jeff Giguere, MD-Oncologist with PRISMA Cancer Institute
I knew being a Celebrity Chef for CHOP Cancer was something I would eventually have to do. I have been an oncologist for 35 years, both my parents had cancer, my dad dying from his mesothelioma after surviving The Battle of the Bulge. Add to this my involvement with the Park and a renewed commitment to cancer prevention; well I just had to step up.
Please understand, however, this is far from my comfort zone. There is the potential for being made a public spectacle. I have to cook with not a microwave in sight. And then there’s everyone’s favorite: asking for money from both strangers and friends.
The commitment is real, but supporting this project is so worthwhile. We are changing the way we think and live with cancer while creating a beautiful connection to other downtown parks and a new iconic ‘must see’ for “YEAH, THAT GREENVILLE!
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Tina Gulledge

My name is Tina Gulledge and I am a life- long resident of Greenville. My husband, Jimmy Gulledge, and I have been  married for 36 years and we have three wonderful children and daughter- in- law ( Rhame, Gordon, Lindley, and Wallace). I reached out to Kay Roper this past summer to volunteer at the Cancer Survivors Park. She quickly responded with an invitation to be a “chop cancer” chef. She had no idea that I am far from being a chef but I didn’t want to turn down a chance to join others to help make a difference in the fight against cancer and supporting the Cancer Survivors Park. While I am very excited to be a part of Chop Cancer, the word “chef” is a little scary to me but meeting new people and working together for such a great cause is right up my alley as nothing makes me happier than to help others!

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way. I lost my mother-in-law, Peetsie Gulledge ( who was one of my best friends) to lung cancer and my brother-in-law, David Watson, is a cancer survivor. Both of these special people have had a huge impact on how I try to live my life every day. Their incredibly positive attitude and approach to loving life  has been an incredible inspiration to me and many others. I also have many friends who have either lost their lives to cancer or are still fighting the fight. I know this will not be the end of my cancer story which is a big reason for me to step out of my comfort zone and be a chef. Please join me in supporting this wonderful event and together we can make a difference.

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Steve Johnson

Three years ago, I sat in the Chop Cancer gala and struck up a conversation with our good friend and neighbor, Dr. Larry Gluck, who asked about my interest in cancer prevention. I relayed my broad family history of cancer and without hesitating, Larry said I needed to be genetically screened. Days later I found out I was BRCA1 positive – a strong indicator of the predisposition for breast cancer. Over the next month, my daughter Sarah (who was barely 30) found out that not only did she inherit the same BRCA1 gene mutation, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Sarah subsequently underwent surgery in New York where she and her husband, Ben, lived. They looked at local NYC chemotherapy options like Sloan Kettering but decided that the personalized, holistic chemo treatment and planning at GHS (now Prisma) was a far better option. Sarah went through seven months of intense chemo here – but fully recovered, returned to her dental practice, Ben got his PhD at Columbia – and this past October, they presented Nancy and me with our first grandchild, Maggie Taylor.  I am excited about being a Chop Cancer chef because had I not been at this event three years ago, my daughter might not have survived. Sarah and Ben, I want to Chop Cancer because of your courage, grit and inspiration!

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Jordan Lea

My mother Chicken survived breast cancer but her sister Shirley did not. When I left for college my mother moved to New York City to further her cooking education. After a year long stint in cooking school and then also working for Jean George Vongerichten in his first New York City kitchen she  returned to Greenville with an increased passion for food and wine which she generously shared with friends and family. 

I have done my best to carry her torch and support her enthusiasm for food and her dream of somehow contributing to a cure for cancer.  My family and I still own and operate her downtown Greenville restaurant , Smoke on the Water , we enjoy cooking and entertaining any chance we get and we also  are avid supporters of the Cancer Survivors Park . As such the opportunity to participate as a CHOP Cancer Chef is a special invitation for me.

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Dr. Tommy Mann
Tommy is a General and Thoracic Surgeon with Carolina Surgical Associates of Bon Secours Mercy Health and is a native of Greenville.  He actively participates in the fight against cancer on a daily basis by serving his patients with great care.  He follows in the footsteps of his grandfather who was a physician and his father who is a surgeon.
Tommy is honored to participate in this event that helps honor cancer victims, survivors, as well as, their family members and friends who stand with them in this fight.

He has four family members who either have had cancer or are currently battling this disease.

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Kelly McSharry

Kelly McSharry, owner of Creating Artists for Tomorrow, is very excited to be a part of Chop Cancer.  She cannot count of the number of family members, friends and students that have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.  In the immediate family, her sister fought through the trial of surviving breast cancer and is cancer-free for 6 years; her father is in the middle of a battle with Leukemia and her father-in-law was taken too early by an aggressive form of brain cancer.  She has seen the toll it takes not only on the cancer patients, but on parents, family members, marriages, friends, colleagues and businesses.  She has held many events at her children’s art studio supporting efforts to raise money for research or just to raise the spirts of cancer patients or those in the circle around the patient.  Kelly is extremely passionate about art and teaching children the techniques of art as a foundation for building interpersonal skills and self-confidence in children and young adults. Kelly’s love of art transforms itself into a well renowned reputation as an outstanding cook within the local community. Many times parents ring her with the inquiry, “HOW did you get my son to eat that? Will you send me the recipe?”   Kelly’s very passionate about art and its interplay with cooking; she cannot wait to participate in the Chop Cancer event to raise money for the Cancer Survivors Park.

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Barb Riggs

I am a Realtor with Marchant Real Estate and going on my 24th year in Real Estate.  I am happily married with 2 boys, a Daughter in law and a Granddaughter.  

It is an Honor to be asked to participate in CHOP Cancer 2020!  I am passionate about the cause, as this Cancer Survivor Park has been a blessing for so many, one being a dear friend who is a 10 year Cancer Survivor!  I’m SO thankful Lori is doing so well, after long treatments for triple negative breast cancer in 2009/2010. I have 2 other very close friends, Karen (Pookie), and Laurie (Puff), that were diagnosed in 2007 just a few weeks apart.  They both fought hard and were cancer free for a while. In February of 2012, I received the devastating news that Pookie’s cancer was back, in her Lungs. I spent the next 15 months traveling back and forth from Atlanta to take her to treatment and help her and her husband with their 3 boys.  Pookie entered the gates of Heaven on May 27th, 2013; I was holding her hand when she took her last breath.  I miss her everyday! In February of 2014, I received the devastating news that Laurie’s (Puff’s), cancer had returned.  Our close group of friends in the Greenville area rallied around her and supported her, until she entered the gates of heaven on October 15th, 2016.  I miss Puff everyday! One fellow realtor was in remission for 16 years before recently being rediagnosed  Another fellow Realtor with our company was recently diagnosed and begins treatment on 1/10/20. I pray everyday Joan and Lora will stay strong and beat this!  My Goal is to CHOP Cancer into pieces with your help! Please strongly consider contributing, and Thank you in advance for your support!!!  

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Morgan Schreiner


Morgan Schreiner was introduced early in his life to cancer and the impact it can have on family and friends. His oldest sister, Vironica, was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was in middle school. Morgan, being 6 years younger, didn’t fully understand at the time what cancer was, but remembers being brought along to countless doctor’s visits and praying for his sister to get better. His parents talk about how important it is to have external support from other survivors and volunteers that understand what cancer fighters and their families are going through. Those groups not only helped his sister but also his entire family. Many years later, Morgan has had other friends and family members impacted by cancer. Due to this, Morgan is volunteering in this year’s Chop Cancer event to support the Cancer Survivors Park to continue helping others and their loved ones in their fight against cance

Morgan lives in Greenville and is the Operations Manager at ZF Chassis Systems in Duncan. He enjoys cooking with and learning new healthy meals from the same sister that beat cancer almost 30 years ago.

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Connie Terrell

Connie Terrell loves spending time with her friends and family. The simplest things in life give her the most pleasure: reading a good book, cooking a good meal, enjoying her family, friends and church family.

In her spare time, she loves to cook. Connie wouldn’t call herself a master, but she knows a thing or two.  She is always looking for new recipes to try out. 

Connie is a breast cancer survivor and is excited to help CHOP cancer. She is looking forward to living the next level of her life; her best life!

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Bruce Wise

Bruce moved to Greenville after conducting a web search for "great places to raise a family".  In the hospitality business all of his life, Bruce has been instrumental in creating a culture of elevated service in the Greenville hospitality industry.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Bruce attended Linfield College in the heart of Oregon's wine country. This led to a lifelong study and appreciation of viticulture and winemaking. Understanding how flavors meld and become something new both in food and wine is one of the things that drives Bruce’s passion in the restaurant industry.

Bruce joined the Larkin's Team in 2009 and serves as Vice President of Restaurant Operations for Larkin's and Limoncello.

Soon after arriving in Greenville, Bruce had the pleasure of attending Leadership Greenville where he was introduced to the valuable work that Greenville’s non-profits undertake.  It was in this program that he worked and became friends with many amazing individuals. While cancer has touched many people in Bruce’s life, his desire to get involved with this project is driven by the tremendous fight that his fellow Leadership Greenville classmate, Tommy Sinn waged against cancer. Tommy was one of the kindest and strongest people that Bruce has ever known. This can be confirmed by anyone who had the pleasure of sharing a laugh with him or stood in a room that was lit up by his smile. It is in Tommy’s honor that Bruce is raising money for the Cancer Survivor’s Park. 

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Trish Constantine

Trish Constantine was ecstatic when she received the call to join the 2020 CHOP! Cancer celebrity chef team. Giving back to the Greenville community by supporting the Cancer Survivors Park is something she feels strongly about because of her personal life experiences with cancer. Trish lost her mom, Sharon, to Ovarian cancer after courageously battling the disease for five and a half years. Shortly after, Dr. Constantine lost his dad, Rich Sr., to a rare form of Burkitt’s Lymphoma after being diagnosed just a year prior. Trish shared, “My mom taught me to live each day to the fullest and she strongly believed in giving back to her community.” From the time Trish and Dr. Constantine moved to Greenville ten years ago, they have been involved in cancer related charities including Dragon Boat, Run4Life, and South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation. In 2018, Trish and Dr. Constantine started a non-profit called Smile on Cancer that provides opportunities for patients to find joy throughout their journeys. Since Trish considers herself to be a foodie, CHOP! Cancer is a fun opportunity to support the Cancer Survivors Park and the Greenville community. 

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Jana Wright

Jana Wright, VP of Bo Stegall | the collection and originally from one of many small towns here in South Carolina but needed a little more , so Greenville became my home. Once I moved to Greenville I was fortunate enough to follow my dreams and heart and became a local stylist for 10 years. Being in the Beauty industry lead me to not only a deeper passion but landed me one of the most amazing friends and mentor, celebrity stylist Bo Stegall.
We both have been affected with losing 2 wonderful women that helped mold and create the adults we have become today with that word we all wish never existed, Cancer.

Bo lost his mother to small single cell lung cancer and I lost my grandmother to a very rare brain Cancer. His loss of his dear mother Faye lead him to research and seek a safer HairCare.
We took our friendship, our dreams, our losses, our industry, and our hearts which created a Vision, a Mission, and a Passion. “Putting the Care back into HairCare.”
Bo Stegall | the collection. A cell renewal technology haircare line that many of our customers that are going through cancer and also chemo  have amazing testimonies and result. It’s a great feeling to see everyone’s journey as they go through such a hard and stressful time in their lives. I truly believe God puts us here obviously for a reason, but puts others in your lives for a purpose. And when that purpose creates a journey, it’s one of the best feelings there is.

Im honored, grateful, and blessed is an understatement of being chosen to be apart of CHOP Cancer. The “YES” was an immediate response and  “however I can help, I will.”
Oh yea, and I do love to cook.

Let’s CHOP Cancer! 

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Rakan Draz

Rakan serves as an Associate Broker for Avison Young specializing in both tenant representation and agency leasing in the retail sector.

Rakan has built and continues to manage relationships with numerous national and local industry leading companies. He has done this through his commitment to maximum productivity, flexibility, & his enthusiasm which is contagious. He is a member of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) and SCRLA (South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association). When not working Rakan enjoys playing golf, mountain biking and traveling.

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